How It Works

Rentasenior is a UK matching service for skilled people aged 50+ years and those seeking skilled help. If you are retired, semi-retired or just looking for extra work to supplement your daily income, this is your opportunity to advertise your skills and contribute your expertise within your local community or further afield.

Similarly, if you are looking for someone to help you at home, register as an individual and place an advertisement! Specify the job you need done and the skills it requires.

To place an advertisement, step one please register on the website and fill out the Registration form.

Once you have registered your profile, you can then go to step two and add a listing Add a listing.

Posting an advertisement online is free of charge, once your advertisement is manually checked by Rentasenior, it is anticipated that it will go live on the website within a 24 -48 hour period of placement.

Once a user has found your advertisement, or you find an advertisement which is of interest to you, then you can communicate with each other, providing you have a valid membership.

It is then up to both parties to agree on whether the job offered and the senior are suitable for each other and if so they can agree the terms and conditions between them.

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