Terms & Conditions

By paying a subscription to the Rentasenior service, the subscriber agrees to the following terms and conditions:-

Rentasenior is the name of a UK matching service for people who are fifty years and over, who are looking for employment using their unique skills and expertise, known as seniors and people who are offering jobs to these seniors known as employers.

The contract of employment is between the senior and the employer and using the service you do at your own risk. The service is only available in the UK.

Seniors are responsible for taking out their own accident and liability insurance, should they deem this necessary.  Similarly employers should do their own due diligence regarding the person they are employing to make sure that they are qualified and experienced to fulfil the position offered.  Rentasenior are also not responsible for and social or national insurance payments.

Seniors are responsible to declare any income that they have earned to the appropriate authorities. Rentsenior collects no income or commission from the seniors or employees for any work done.

Rentasenior can use the email addresses of both seniors and employers for marketing purposes and forwarded this information to third party companies, which Rentasenior may think of interest to both parties.

Before the profiles of both the seniors and employers go live on the internet the content will be manually checked, any misinformation or abusive content will be deleted.

Any abuse within the matching process willn`t be tolerated, profiles can be deleted if abusive behaviour has been used. For severe abuse the Police will be contacted.

Seniors and employers have the possibility to report abuse and appropriate action will be taken.

Rentasenior makes its income by using a subscription model, both seniors and employers subscribe to the service and pay a subscription fee, which allows them to access a mail box, where messages can be exchanged between both parties.

An employer can both offer a service to a senior and also as a senior offer their services to other employers, this will be deemed one subscription.

Once a subscription has been paid for, it is not refundable except in extreme circumstances, the decision of Rentasenior is final on this matter.

The subscription is only valid for the time which it is active through the subscription payment. On the credit card receipt, it will mention the company Gesborough Limited.

Payment will be collected through the Stripe credit card system. Rentasenior doesn`t save or have access to any credit card details.

Subscriptions are recurring, unless the profile is deleted, when the profile is deleted the subscription is lost for the remaining duration of the subscription.

Should either party wish to delete their profile, then this is possible, however they will lose what subscription credit they have. It should be noted that frequent back ups are made and in the case of abuse, Rentasenior will endeavour to track down any abuse and take any action deemed necessarily.

In the case of a death of a senior or employer, their subscription can be stopped and their profile deleted, if a death certificate is provided by the next of kin.

Rentasenior is the trading name of Gesborough Limited, which is registered in England and Wales as a UK company.

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